Catch Pokémon at Garland Libraries Dec. 18 and 27

The Messenger 12/18 5:11A Nancy Ghirla
Participants ages 18 and younger can participate in two  Pokémon-themed scavenger hunts and earn one badge for each activity completed. The activities will be different and the badges earned will be...

Help Wanted On and Off Stage!

The Messenger 12/18 5:07A Nancy Ghirla
Cheryl Pellett , Chairman of the Board, explained why the Garland Civic Theatre, a non-profit corporation, needs help to find a new location. They are now located in a warehouse space near Kingsley...

On Stage in Garland

The Messenger 12/18 4:54A Nancy Ghirla
Millhouse GCT10 Millhouse GCT6 TEXT HERE Garland has many live entertainment options, including the Garland Civic Theatre, the Garland Symphony, various theater groups and companies that lease the Plaza Theater stage, and several informal music...

Have You Seen the Statue

The Messenger 12/18 4:43A Nancy Ghirla
Sculpture1 Sculpture2 Sculpture3 Sculpture4 A whimsical, colorful piece of sculpture standing 12 feet high, has been installed in a most unlikely place! In a very narrow vacant lot next to 510 Main Street. Whoever decided that such a wonderful...

Glimpsing Garland Ghosts

The Messenger 12/18 4:24A Nancy Ghirla
The gloomy second floor apartment above the light fixture store at 316 Main Street hasn’t been occupied by any living humans since 1958. The appearance of a male figure has been reported by the owners...


The Messenger 12/18 4:06A Nancy Ghirla
Recipe I requested this recipe from Juanita because hers is the best meatloaf I’ve ever tasted. What s better than a hearty meatloaf when you get home after a long day? It s a recipe that s easy and foolproof. No bells and whistles just beef,...

Prayers Requested for Former Mayor

The Messenger 12/18 3:56A Nancy Ghirla
Former Garland Mayor, Ronald E. Jones, was scheduled to speak at the dedication of the Vision of the Arts sculpture on Sunday, October 7. Shortly before his expected arrival, a call was received from Peggy Jones. She said her husband had been...

In Garland…New Projects for 2019

The Messenger 12/18 3:44A Nancy Ghirla
Great news for GISD swimmers! Soon those bus trips to Berkner and Richardson will not be necessary. No further need for bus trips to neighboring cities for students and swim team coaches. The Garland Natatorium will be located at 4700 President...

3 Apps Every Fashion Lover Should Start Using ASAP

Rowlett BubbleLife iReporter 12/17 6:00A Riley Heruska
Like to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Is your wardrobe constantly a work in progress? Then you  need  these apps. They'll change the way you do fashion, from organizing your closet to saving...

How to Pick a Worthwhile Charity to Donate to This Holiday Season

Rowlett BubbleLife iReporter 12/12 5:00A Riley Heruska
It's the season of giving, which means now is the perfect time to select a charity and contribute a donation. However, don't just pull a random charity's name out of a hat. When you donate, you should...

A Few of the Best Places to Go Ice Skating in the DFW Area

Rowlett BubbleLife iReporter 12/7 4:00A Riley Heruska
Is there anything more magical than gliding across the ice with family and friends during the holidays? Although North Texas is short on natural bodies of water and freezing cold temperatures, we've...
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