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Jan 30 2018
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Friends of the Rowlett Public Library showed their love for the library recently by voting to fund the Summer Reading Program for 2018. This program helps combat students’ summer learning loss. There are many other inventive programs for children and adults that could be made available through Friends of the Rowlett Public Library with increased funding.

Here is how you can help!

JOIN FRIENDS OF THE ROWLETT PUBLIC LIBRARY—This is a great opportunity to meet other Friends members and discuss ways to support your Library. Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the library, excluding July and December. (The temporary location is 5702 Rowlett Road until the library’s move back to Main Street In the coming months.) Membership is $25 annually for individuals; Clubs or Associations are $100; and Businesses are $150. 

CONSIDER SERVING ON FRIENDS OF THE ROWLETT PUBLIC LIBRARY’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS—Board members serve for a two-year term of office. During the March meeting elections will be held for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


Standing Committees: Membership, Public Relations & Publicity, Programs, and Audit & Finance. Committee members may be volunteers from outside the Membership.

Ad hoc Committees: Ad hoc committees perform specific tasks not performed by the Standing Committees.  These are temporary in nature and exist only until the task is complete. Current opportunities are:

  • GRAND RE-OPENING COMMITTEE—To prepare for the library’s move back to Main Street in the coming months.
  • DONOR TILES—There will be a donor tile wall at the newly re-opened library to showcase contributors. These tiles will be personalized with donor, family or organization names and/or messages.

By serving on the Friends of the Rowlett Public Library Board of Directors or on a committee, you can help chart the course of the library’s future. Friends needs your skills to help engage and excite others.


About Friends of the Rowlett Public Library

Friends of the Rowlett Public Library’s purpose is to serve as a support group of volunteers to raise funds for special library needs, to support cultural and literary enrichment activities, and to promote literacy. Friends focuses public attention on the services, resources and needs of the Rowlett Public Library.



Friends of the Rowlett Public Library, Inc.

P.O. Box 914 Rowlett, TX 75030-0914

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