The roofing profession has one of the highest rates of work-related injuries when recorded in 2019. Safety should be the priority for roofing; we’re not just talking about the employees. Customer injuries happen more often than one would think; therefore, everyone must take the correct precautions to protect everyone. 


The Dangers of Roofing 

Roof installments and replacements create beautiful new roofs, but they also have potential hazards for employees and customers. Contractors need to go through safety best practices to avoid injuries. Here is a list of possible threats to look out for:

  1. Falls

  2. Heat illness

  3. Electric shock

  4. Chemical exposure

  5. Burns

  6. Structural collapse

  7. Falling debris


Safety Precautions For Contractors

The contractors must know what safety practices must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some precautions for the employees:

  1. Provide safety equipment

  2. Conduct regular safety inspections

  3. Train workers on safety procedures


Safety Precautions For Customers

Even though you might not be the one on the roof helping repair it, it is still essential to take proper safety precautions as a customer. Here are some precautions for customers:

  1. Stay clear of the work area whenever possible

  2. Communicate with the contractor

  3. Ask for proof of licenses and insurance

  4. Report any safety concerns

  5. Inspect the work site


We want everyone to be able to avoid preventable injuries. Safety should be a top priority during roof replacement, repair, or installation. If both parties communicate and prioritize safety, this can help ensure a fantastic roof experience without any unnecessary injuries!


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